February in Minnesota?

This is completely out of character for this time of year! We are the top snowy cold state! Yet against all odds, this is the view from my window, I will be going out for my run in less layers this morning, and walking Winnie without a jacket!  It's my birthday, today. 48 years old. … Continue reading February in Minnesota?



My Valentine Puppy - courtesy of popyourpup.com Of recent, nothing seems to be going according to expectations. Certainly not school, where I have to make some big decisions about my job. Not my students, who don't seem to buy what I'm selling. Not at home, where I am constantly wondering what comes next.  Do we … Continue reading Nope


I recognize a bad mood when it's starting. I don't consider myself someone who gets crabby for no good reason (although, I have never asked anyone else's opinion about that, either 😂😂😂). A lot of the time, my bad mood comes from being tired. It makes my body and brain feel like the set of photos … Continue reading Uh-Oh