A Glorious Beginning

This was Winnie's mama's first attempt at the Springer cut. Grooming Lady Winifred was like trying to wrestle a greased pig Ninja warrior puppy. She has already priced out what the next grooming will cost at PetSmart.  The 2017-18 school year is off to a glorious start. My students are demonstrating skills that I wasn't expecting. … Continue reading A Glorious Beginning


Well Played, Summer…. Well Played

But mama, I don't want to go home.... I really need to pay homage to the summer of 2017. It was unlike any summer I have ever lived. The lessons were powerful. Life is too short. Take time to smell the roses. Appreciate the little things. Notice the things around you. Spend time in nature. Take … Continue reading Well Played, Summer…. Well Played

Ooh, Shiny!

Word Press Weekly PHOTO CHALLENGE Diversions, distractions, and delightful Winnie is my biggest distraction! I must take a thousand (mostly bad) pictures of her in a week. Everything she does is adorable to me.  Without her, without them, I would probably get a lot more done but I wouldn't be nearly as happy!!  Like the … Continue reading Ooh, Shiny!

The BLOGOQUENT Competition! 

Life is like being given a blank book and a pen – you can erase any words but on each new page you can write whatever you want!

TheGirlOnTheGo's Blog

How well can you describe LIFE? Can you describe it in just one sentence?

Hello my fellow bloggers! I have a beautiful competition in my mind. Will you be able to describe life the best possible way in just a sentence? Wouldn’t that be fun?

So just comment your entries below! And the topfiveanswers will get selected and I will feature them on my next post along with a description of your blog and a link to it! And in addition to that, you will win the title of “THE BLOGOQUENT” (Blogger+Eloquent= Blogoquent)!!!

I hope I do not sound weird!?

And again, the winners can write a post about it and display “the Blogoquent” sticker on their blogs! (Of course it’s up to you!)

But wait wait, I will not be the only judge (I cannot possibly even imagine of being, not yet…

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