Well Played, Summer…. Well Played

But mama, I don’t want to go home….

I really need to pay homage to the summer of 2017. It was unlike any summer I have ever lived. The lessons were powerful. Life is too short. Take time to smell the roses. Appreciate the little things. Notice the things around you. Spend time in nature. Take care of yourself. All so cliche. But all so very important. I did those things. When life handed me lemons this summer, I made lemonade (and put some vodka in it 😎). I watched eagles fish and play and fight over dinner right in the front yard at the cabin. I walked the dogs, I sat in the sun and I read books. I did nothing. I was so privileged to watch my son marry a smart, talented, beautiful girl. I spent time with my family. I fished. It was awesome. 

We closed the cabin up for the summer today. Turning a corner to going back to work and navigating the work/home balance. I am determined to do better this year. While I look forward to the new school year, I will tuck my dock spot in my heart until I can be back up there again. 

Thank you Smith Lake. See you next summer. ❤️


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