Feeding Winnie’s Mama

Winnie is more of a casual eater. πŸ’— If it’s breakfast time but everyone else is outside playing, she picks playing over food every time. If there’s someone to visit with, she chooses the belly rubs and pats on the head over her food. Every time. 

I am not at all like Winnie. I love food. Any kind of food. I like the kinds with sugar in them most of all. Nachos with lots of cheese and JalapeΓ±os are my Achilles heel. And I can eat at any time, no matter if I am hungry or not. I’ve not ever starved but I am always thinking about what I’m going to eat next in the back of my mind. 

I also have a fairly impressive family history of heart problems and diabetes. So my love of food is often at direct odds with my need to live a healthy lifestyle so I can avoid aggressive medical intervention down the road. This was made even more important, or rather more urgent, when I discovered that the family history is already starting to catch up with me. 

Eating well is something that has always been important to me and something I think about pretty regularly. However, I make healthy choices in one area (I don’t drink pop of any kind) that cancel out bad choices I make in other areas (Two words: Starburst Jellybeans 😱). I don’t eat meat most of the time but allow myself to if it’s a holiday, or I’m at the cabin, or, CHICKEN NACHOS! 😍 or…..or…….or…..). I don’t really drink much, except for when I do. Hmmmmm…… anyone notice what I finally noticed? I eat healthy and make good choices when I want. It’s important except for when it’s not. 

So I think I’m healthy, I act like I’m healthy, I talk like I’m healthy. I act all confused about how on earth could this history catch up with me when I’m so healthy?!?!? But I’m not. I’m a hypocrite. And now that my reality has met head on with my history, I can’t escape that big H on my forehead. Eating mostly healthy is not eating healthy. So I am making big changes. Acting in a way that is consistent with my beliefs. 

And it’s really hard!!!!! 

Change is hard 😫😫😫

Many years ago I watched the Forks Over Knives docimentary that shows the benefits of eating a plant based diet. It resonated and I started reading more and collecting recipes (Engine 2 Diet, Happy Herbivore, No Meat Athlete, etc). I felt better, I looked better, I slept better, I ran better. I loved the food. It’s fresh, not processed. It’s flavorful, especially when the processed crap gets out of your system and you can really taste the food. Delicious. I did this for a while and then let time and obstacles get in the way of my choices. Started cutting corners to reduce time and energy cooking. And I started eating poorly in a way that I never had, using time and energy as an excuse.

No more excuses. I know where I want to be and what I need to do so that my diet matches my beliefs. I cut out meat and dairy again a few weeks ago after I was in the hospital. I do eat fish a couple times a week. I haven’t been able to drop the candy monster yet. I have reduced it by changing from Mike and Ike’s and jelly beans to Dark Chocolate drizzled over figs (both have nutrients/vitamins/minerals that are supposed to support ADHD, which is an different post….). And, full disclosure, last night I gave into my craving and got Skittles. But I did the individual bag instead of the really big bag. 

The biggest help I have found, so far, is the meal planner service at Forks Over Knives. I tried their free weekly menu and we LOVE it. The fragrance of real food and spices cooking in the kitchen is out of this world. You get a new menu each week and it is easy to switch out a recipe if you don’t think it’s what you want at the time. And it does your grocery list automatically and gives you all the steps for what you can make ahead for the week, etc. I’m in love and I plan to actually start paying for it this week. I’m hoping that this helps me when school starts and I have so much less time and brain energy for the day in/day out activities that are easy in the summer. 

I’m going to use this tool to help my to keep my actions consistent with my beliefs and my health needs. Because that family history monster is already here, knocking on my door, in a fairly aggressive manor. 

What do you do to keep your actions consistent with what you believe? Is it hard? Leave me a comment because I could use some support and ideas! 


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