A Good Match

Stinker and Mini Stinker – A perfect match,  resting for a second while they think up new trouble to get in. 


I have been unable to come up with words to write this week. My very dear neighbor passed away from cancer and my great aunt died of an illness compounded by a broken hip while getting hospice care. My Great Aunt Patty lived a long and happy life. While it’s very sad, it is inevitable. 

My neighbor, however, was only 63. Two years short of retiring, selling their house, and moving to Florida to follow their dream of living in a houseboat. That is a tragedy. 

My neighbor, Rick, was one of the kindest, most caring man I have ever met. He gave something of himself to everyone. He liked everyone. If he didn’t, he made it a point to get to know them better so that he could find some common ground as a basis for friendship. He never complained, he never judged. He was a fixer-upper that made it possible for me to keep my house running after my divorce. He taught me how to fix things and when and where to do things. He snowblower my driveway in deep snows (along with the rest of the neighborhood driveways). He always had a ball to throw or a pat behind the ears for our dogs. His cheerful “hound dog” greeted the dogs just about every morning as he left for work. He helped my boys take care of their bikes and taught them how to take care of and fix the lawnmower when their mom didn’t know how. 

My boys are old enough to realize how lucky they were to grow up next door to Rick (and Pam). How lucky they were to henparented and loved by such a good man. I am blessed that they had such a wonderful man as a role model of what a good person, good life really is. 

I am so sad this week. After I moved from the neighborhood 2 years ago, I let stuff get in the way of spending time over there with them. Especially after he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I should have shifted my priorities and found more time. While I am devastated by my decisions, I know Rick is up in heaven and he’s not judging. ❀

I raise my margarita up to you, Rick. 

Rest In Peace. 

FINS UP!!! 🏝


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