Something to grab on to!

Winnie has been a chewing, eating, getting into everything ball of (seemingly) endless energy. She is demanding every second of my attention and it is wearing me down. She is losing puppy teeth rapidly and I know the replacements hurt on their way in. This, too, shall pass, I know. I will admit, though, that I am longing for the sweet little baby that we brought home 2 months ago, no matter the adorable, spunky, and fun little girl she can be when she’s not chewing everything in sight. 🐶

In all seriousness, I have actually seen some results from starting this blog and committing to myself. I have been doing so much better keeping promises to myself. I have started small. With two things. Running 3 times during the week and eating healthy meals. I have dropped a couple of pounds, I feel better physically, and I have been running regularly. This weekend I ran a Valentine’s 5k and it felt awesome! I ran faster and more comfortably than I expected. I know, because I have proof of my efforts in writing, that this is because the work I have been doing. It’s not just an accident or really good luck. This really inspires me and makes me want to do more. I like that I can go back and see where I was and what I was thinking and feeling. 

Now I just need to get myself on the gratitude train. I am having a hard time doing this every morning. Mostly because I want it to be private and right now I’m keeping the journal right next to my bed so it’s too public. I will find a spot for it so I can access it every morning with it feeling like I need to talk about it. This is my journey right now and I don’t want to have to explain it to anyone until I understand why I’m here. 

My Goodies from Saturday’s race. I did 29:07. That’s 9:23 miles. Flirting with a 9 minute mile……. 🤔🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️⏱🏅

I can do this!


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