Care and Feeding


“Mama? What are S-H-O-T-S?”

I’ve always been the mom that tricks my kids into doing things. When they were little, knowing they hated potato peel in their mashed potatoes yet being too tired to stand, much less peel potatoes, I announced before dinner that any red chunks they found in their potatoes were  special. Each chunk would give them a wish. Instead of a meal full of whining about potato peels, they carefully collected them on the sides of their plates and discussed what they would be wishing for. (I know, right? 😂😂😂)

I know Winnie isn’t a kid, but I tricked her tonight too. I brought her on a walk – her FAVORITE – to the vet (not her favorite). She figured out very quickly that she remembered our vet with a sense of unease. I could very clearly see her trying to figure out what was going on and saw her panic as she remembered. Proper care of your puppy involves the vet and, unfortunately, shots. Winnie, and her 21.3 pounds, were not excited. When it was all over, the trick was on me. All that nervous energy translated into a much quicker pace on the way home. And it was uphill the whole way. I got a run in after school and I got a mile of speed walking after her appointment. Sometimes, the care and feeding of the dog helps to increase the care of me. This should only get better as she is my intended runing partner as soon as her puppy body turns into her big girl body. I can’t wait 💗🎀💗 I don’t want to criticize anyone, but all the people who said I would regret a puppy are just WRONG.

Tomorrow is a Friday, thank God! It is also the day we celebrate Valentines Day at school. Oh. And it’s a full moon. I got my runs in on Tuesday and Today. They were shortened, and yesterday’s was scrubbed because I haven’t been feeling well. I’m cutting myself some slack because, while it’s very important to do, running with a fever is dumb. So I was smart. And I’m starting to feel better. Which is good, because tomorrow should be nuts.

Happy Friday!!!


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