Seen and Heard



“I heard you, Mama. I’m just not listening right now.”

Winnie is an incorrigible 16 week old that hears me calling her and has to take a moment to decide if she’s available to follow directions. She has an energy level that is comparable to the Energizer Bunny.

It is amazing the difference a day, or two, can make. I teach children with emotional or behavioral disabilities. It is part of the reason I have such trouble creating boundaries between my job and home. A big part of why I forget to take care of myself. My students are loud and insistent in their needs for my attention, my concern, my energy, and some days, my every thought.

Today, though, I heard it. The sounds of learning, the happy sounds of success. I heard determination. I heard encouragement and kind words of support. I heard pride. Most importantly, I heard community in my classroom and it was coming from the students. It makes all of the struggles worth it.

It makes it so much more important for me to find balance. ❤️



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