I recognize a bad mood when it’s starting. I don’t consider myself someone who gets crabby for no good reason (although, I have never asked anyone else’s opinion about that, either 😂😂😂). A lot of the time, my bad mood comes from being tired. It makes my body and brain feel like the set of photos above. Moving, blurry, lacking focus. Lady Winifred kept me awake from 1:45am on last night, yapping like a banshee. I recognized the bad mood coming by 5:20. By 8:30am I was ready to spit nails and I did. At the dogs, at Doug, at myself. 

I also know that spitting nails gets me nothing but more crabby and, when the nails are aimed at Doug, I get company for my bad mood. So, what can I do differently, right now, to change my outcome for today? I came here and I reread some of my posts. I’m writing this blog to do better after all. I saw my 10 Things post and remembered I’m practicing gratitude daily. I’m writing it down every morning. Only I’m not. I chose last week to focus on two things. I did those well and I said I would look this weekend for another thing to add to the list of commitments for next week. Bingo!!! My gratitude journal. Do I need to set a minimum number of things to write down every day? I think I will, just to make sure my goal is specific. I will start with 5. I can do that.  So my new goals for the coming week are: 

1-Run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from school. (I also run Saturday and Sunday but that is not hard for me to do.)

2-Make and eat healthy meals all week.

3-Write in a gratitude journal daily – with a minimum of 5 things listed each day. 

I can do that. I’m going to start today. Writing in my journal will help me to reset my attitude. I will do some meal planning this afternoon so that I have everything I need this week for the healthy meals. And today, I’m going to run 6 miles. Because I can ❤️

And when Doug comes home, I have my apology all ready. I don’t think my blog will ever rock the world but it is already having a positive impact on mine. 


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