Coming Clean

Winnie had no interest in having her picture taken today. It’s really cold so she’s not been outside enough the last couple days. AND her cousin Lulu is here so they have been playing non stop. This was the best shot I could get. Tomorrow she turns 16 weeks! 😍

As the title says, I need to come clean. I did not get my run in today. One of my students made a bad decision and I chose to sit with him in the principal’s office after school until his mom came up. He knew he was in the dog house and all the good he did today wasn’t going to erase the fact that he had made a mistake and mom was going to be mad. I’ve made enough mistakes in my own life that I can empathize and I don’t feel the need to pile on when mistakes are made. So I figured I would pass the time with him while he waited. Our principal is one of the nicest, least scary principals that I’ve ever met and the students know that as well. However, it doesn’t erase the dread you feel when you are sitting in the principal’s office…. in trouble. 

So, I didn’t get out right away after school and decided I better go home and take care of my dogs and make my healthy dinner. As far as my commitment to myself this week, I am going into Friday feeling like a winner. Healthy dinners every night AND I got all but one of my runs in. I am never going to be perfect but, this week, I put me and my health and sanity first and I feel really good about that. 

Tomorrow is Friday and I haven’t buried myself under the covers in shame once this week. Not once. I can’t wait to see what the weekend brings when I’m going into it feeling good. I need to come up with a reasonable and attainable goal for next week. Writing it all down has become  not just a reflection but a means to find the plan. This blog has become something more to me than what I thought it would be.  

And in the last few minutes, as I’ve been writing, this happened….. 

Good night, little girl. 


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