The Sun

The sun ☀️ 

It’s a big yellow orb in the sky. I haven’t seen very much of the sun recently. My job keeps me inside for the daylight hours most days. If I am lucky, it’s dusk when I head home. The weather is not a big help right now, either. Typical winter days in Minnesota are cloudy and cold. 

Today was one of the wonderful days where there is bright sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. It was awesome! My run today was sluggish but I enjoyed every second of it, soaking in the rays. It lifts even the most frustrated soul. It makes the impossible seem possible. The crisp chill with the canopy of sun seems to provide me a clarity about what needs to be done. 

My weekend was typical. I woke up Saturday and was motivated and inspired. I ate well, I exercised. I went for a long walk with Winnie. I took care of some things around the house. I repeated that today. It was a wonderful weekend. I feel great right now. 

So, am I going to follow the pattern this week where I end up frustrated and feel like a failure? I hope not. I think not. Because I have a better plan! Thanks to a new voice responding to my blog (Thank you, Bruce!!), instead of pressuring myself to do it all even when I add teaching all day to my schedule, I am going to set reasonable goals. And I am going to hold myself accountable for those reasonable goals. Here they are: 

1) I am going to run 3 days this week. On my run today, I thought of a way I could make this more likely to happen. I live very close to work and I walk most days. Instead of walking home and then going running, I am going to bring my running stuff to work and do my run before I go home. School is on my loop. I can run, grab my things when I am finished, and my half mile walk home can be my cool down. That way I avoid getting sidetracked by my hungry dogs and my hungry Doug. And  my hungry self, too. 😂 I bought some easily packed snacks to take to school so I don’t use hunger as an excuse. I have a plan! 

2) I am going to eat healthy this week. We eat the same breakfast every day. I premeasured the oatmeal/quinoa mix for 7 days today. That will cut down on prep time. I also planned out meals for the week and grocery shopped today to make sure I have everything I need for all the meals. I feel prepared and I feel ready. 

Why am I going to focus on those 2 things? Because they are the two most important things for me to do right now. The running will help my heart and will increase my sanity at school and at home. The meals will help my heart and will help me feel better physically. 

I have a long list of other things I hope that I will get accomplished every day as well but I am committed to doing the running and the healthy meals this week. I’m hoping to get even a short walk with Winnie every day. She needs it. I’m trying to reduce the amount of things I have in the house so I hope to be able to toss at least one unimportant thing in the garbage every day. I would love to read, I want to continue to write every day, maybe even some yoga or meditation. And, and, and….. 

I have identified the two most important things, though, and I am absolutely committed to making them happen every day.

Again, a great big thank you to Bruce, a stranger with the voice of reason! If you get a chance, check out his blog, My Struggling Heart, he has a fascinating story that he’s telling! 

And again, thank you to Daily Post for the word prompt. You can find them by clicking on the word yellow at the top!  


4 thoughts on “The Sun

  1. I am seriously crying I wish I could take a picture to show you. I was randomly going through the people that I follow and reading their blogs and catching up. Yes, I am actually a person that follows people that I follow and I came across your blog. I came along the name Bruce and stopped, and thought, there is no way it is about me and as I scrolled down I saw that you mentioned my blog. I just lost it. I never thought that my story would inspire another person. Heck, I didn’t even think anyone was really reading it and paying attention. I have been doing it for me. I am beyond blown away how I have encouraged you. Your welcome 🙂 Remember, you can do anything that you set your mind to. Just make sure that you use small obtainable goals so you can reach them, and then make another goal, do this until you reach your ultimate goal. DO NOT go for your ultimate goal right away….you will fail. Make them small and celebrate your success! I believe in you. -Bruce

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    1. I haven’t been brave enough to tell anyone I know that I’m writing the blog. It’s really for me (and complete strangers). You didn’t say anything that I don’t already know but something about a stranger taking 5 seconds to respond and try to help – and giving me that simple reminder made a huge difference. It is so powerful to remember that 5 seconds or a couple sentences can make a large difference so you should always make the effort. So thank you! I read your story every day. 😄


      1. My wife knows that I have a blog but I won’t tell her the address of it. I won’t even post it on my own Facebook. This is our space, we are opening up. It has been a pleasure reading your blog. You never know when something you say or do in your blog stands out. -Bruce

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