Automatic Pilot

I wake up on automatic pilot most days. My morning routines are pretty solid. Get the dogs up, feed them, make my coffee and breakfast, and they go back outside. I get a few moments of quiet to enjoy my coffee. 

This morning, however, being on automatic pilot caused me to miss one very important detail. My little Winnie has become, overnight, a teething bundle of the sharpest teeth you can imagine. The intensity of her chewing has skyrocketed exponentially. An adorable little T-Rex. Jaws with a cute wagging tail. 

I have never had a puppy so I didn’t see it coming.

While I was making coffee, Winnie was blazing a path of destruction across the living room. When I sat down for my quiet breakfast, I saw it. Multiple shoes with the inserts out – one of them chewed. The back panel of leather on the couch was ripped away from the couch. A number of kleenexes laid out like confetti on the floor.

Since I was on automatic pilot, I wasn’t paying attention. 

This is just another example of why I am working on simplifying my life so I am more appreciative and aware of what is going on right underneath my nose. The couch is extremely old and can be made presentable, the shoe inserts can be replaced. I would have enjoyed seeing the Kleenex mayhem in progress πŸ˜‚ 

I learned that lesson and won’t need to learn it again. Be present for everything. I’ve got the little face full of teeth right in front of me and we are going to take a little afternoon nap. 

Thank you to Daily Post for one word prompts that help me frame my thoughts while I am learning how to do this blog thing!


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